Fabric10 Hand Dyed tissue silk
Fabric for nuno felt 100% silk.
$19.50, per metre. 150cm wide
Fibre10 Wool top 18 micron Superfine merino Australian wool. For felting and spinning. $16.00, 100g pk
Fibre20 Tussah Silk Sliver
A1 lustrous fibre for felting, spinning, paper etc. Hand dyed.
$8.00, 25g pack
Fibre30 Wool silk sliver
50% superfine wool 50% mulberry silk
$17.00, 50g packs
Fibre40 Silk caps - large
Mulberry silk. Degummed layers of silk cocoons stretched over cap shaped mould.
$10.00, Approx weight 35g.
Fibre45 Silk Hankies
Mulberry silk squares, degummed.
$8.50, 15g pack
Fibre50 Throwsters waste - silk
Mulberry silk, high lustre, degummed, long soft strands.
$7.00, 25g pack
Fibre65 Silk Rods
Firm silk waste with sericin. For sculptural use in embroidery or feltmaking.
$8.00, 25g pack
Fibre75 Fawn cashmere top.
Fine Australian cashmere for spinning or feltmaking.
$12.00, 50g pack
Prices in $AUD including 10% goods and services tax (GST)
Discount for large orders - 10% over $150; 20% over $250